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September 9, 2009

Here are some fantastic websites to locate apartments in Florence that you may not have thought of.  These options are very creative and may save you some time for planning your next short term stay.

Try Google:

Craiglist Italy (translated)


Vacation Rentals:

There are some agencies online that you fill a form out and then they call you with availability.  By letting a local find out availability for you, you can often get a really reasonable rate by staying with a native speaking landlord.  However, beware because these companies will just pick a place and sell it to you without other options.  Beware of the quick sale here, particularly if they saying it will rent quickly – simply because there are so many options available to you that you may regretting choosing too quickly.

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Florence Apartments

September 9, 2009

Florence Apartments

If you’re looking for an apartment in Florence, it may be difficult to find a great fit for your needs.  Consider the following when renting apartments in Tuscany.

Choose Your Location

The choices within Tuscany are widespread.  You can choose to stay in the hustle and bustle of Florence, or the outlying region in the country which is much more peaceful and relaxed.

Suburb life is a great combination of both cultures.  You can check out the fresh farmer’s markets and still be within reach of the heart of Florence.


According to budget professionals, you don’t want your rent to exceed a third of your monthly income. Consider your price and the lifestyle you live before you choose a place.  In addition, if you are relocating from outside the area, consider the currency conversion when you budget your apartment.


How much space will you need?  Is it just you, your family, or roommates?  How much space do you need to be comfortable in your apartment?  Do you have separate living quarters so you don’t drive each other crazy?


If you have a auto in Florence, you’ll need to find parking for it.  It’s not always easy to come by in the busy areas of the city.  Many apartments have additional parking available for a price.  However, we recommend that you avoid having a vehicle unless you travel all the time.


Pet laws are varied within Florence.  You should check with your landlord and the city ordinances before bringing your pet with you into the apartment.


Laundry, appliances and utilities should be offered by the apartment that you stay in.  If laundry is not provided, make sure you have access to a laundering facility nearby.  Also, for short term stays, there may not be enough appliances.  If you’re out in Tuscany, make sure that they at least have some amenities!

Apartments Research For Florence, Italy

September 9, 2009

Apartments Florence Italy

If you’re looking for an extended stay in Florence or want to live there, there are many options to choose from.  Short term or extended apartments  are fairly easy to come by if you know where to look.

A great place to start finding apartments in Florence is simply

Simply navigate to the Italy site and choose Florence apartment rentals.

Here’s a really awesome site for finding good priced apartments:

Florence Apartments

For short-term rentals, check out this site:

Short Term Florence Rentals

Another great site for short or long term stays:

Short or Long Term Apartments

Staying in Tuscany is a wonderful experience.  You can feel the vibrance of the city and visit all of the wonderful attractions.  You’ll find that there really are affordable places to stay in Italy if you know where to look.

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